Everyone Seems To Be a Digital Marketer

We live in times where everywhere you look, someone seems to be a ‘professional digital marketer’. This is a saturation of the industry and makes consumers choices increasingly difficult.

More and more we are seeing these gurus pop up out of nowhere – some of them good, and some, ah, need some polishing. How is poor old store owner Joe Bloggs beginning to narrow down his selection when considering someone to market his business?

Digital marketing is crucial for your business, big or small, $1,000 or $1,000,000 per year, digital marketing has its place, but what effect can someone representing and marketing your business have? It can be magnificent, and yield a fantastic ROI – but on the flipside, not only may you waste money, you can actually do major damage to your business (trust us, we’ve seen!)

Essentially you are giving the person dictatorship to the face of your business, how it’s represented and displayed. You’ve put years of work, late nights and planning into your business, you might be a little fussy with how it’s displayed through advertisements, we understand – this is the first step to picking a marketer for your business.

We haven't got a stitch of time for fakes or sh*t talkers who don't deliver (and theres many) so here's some tips on choosing an agency for your business:

1. Do they ask the right questions, research your business, enter your workplace and meet your people? This can have a profound effect on how someone represents your business in an advertisement. Do they thoroughly understand your industry and your clientele? Or are they applying the same generic package that they do to all of their clients? Watch for this when you need to choose an agency, an in-depth understanding of this can be the difference between your business prospering, or looking like a fool.

2. Not everyone is a guru. Just like some builders are better than others, and some architects have a unique touch that others simply don’t have, not all digital marketers are ‘gurus’. Look into their own social media – do you like what you see? Could you see your business being represented the same way? What kind of language do they use? What are they posting and talking about? The proof is in the pudding; A good digital marketer will have consistent social media accounts that align with their company vision, good branding and the ability to easily recognise them across platforms.

3. Are they backed by a company structure with a reputable name and reviews? Or is their name Joe Bloggs Digital Marketing and their experience consists of creating a Facebook page for their mate.

4. Do they know the real life situation of running a business and getting customers through the door? People who have ran real businesses in the past, built them, marketed them successfully, are likely your best bet when trusting someone with your asset.

5. Are they genuine and what’s the contract details? Too many times we hear the stories of ‘gurus’ who have made a fool out of their clients business and blow a load of money on producing nothing. Are they someone that will call you consistently and ensure you’re on the same page and heading towards the same goal? This becomes incredibly important when you have enlisted the help of someone to represent your business. Their contract is also an important factor, do they lock you in for a fixed term period or do they have the confidence in their ability to produce results? Does the contract not only protect them, but protect you as the client too? Read it thoroughly, ask questions, and understand exactly the advertising schedule before handing over the rights to your business.

Have a horror story you want to share? We’re always up for a yarn!

- Luke

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