Growing Your Business In 2019

Running a business is hard. It’s hard on the best of days and will remain hard.

Growing a business is harder, and takes on a new level of dedication and commitment. Being an entrepreneur is the greatest journey of perseverance, wit, persistence and smart decision making. We know what that’s like, that’s why we’ve put together this quick guide on tips to grow your business this year.

2019 trends are something we are keeping a keen eye on. The digital arena is set to be a fierce one once again, with an increasing number of consumers not only wanting but expecting to find your business online AND with a trustworthy presence. We say trustworthy because consumers are relying on reviews more than ever and by having an established online presence with recent posts, reviews and relevant information is the #1 way to build a rep with your potential customers.

BRANDING is what should set you apart from the next. This is not just a logo, but a mixture of strong personality, design, language, colours and product. Why do people trust and religiously purchase Apple devices? Why would someone pay more for a cotton shirt with a logo than a plain cotton shirt? Branding! Recognise its strength.

People pay for stories, passion, and brand. Not just the product they receive.

ENGAGEMENT RATES are more important than ever, reply to comments, respond to queries and engage with your customers on a more personal level using social media. We are seeing more and more companies beginning to introduce an element of transparency within their company, by showing behind the scenes, the faces and the people, the ups and downs, and not just the sparkly finished and defined end-product. Again, this helps in a large way to establish trust within your industry and sets you apart from the rest.

Social media and social trust are going to be two major determining factors this year, and your business can take advantage of these to reach more qualified customers.

Here’s some things you can do to clarify your strategy this year:

  1. Define your P.O.A at the start of the year (our company created term for Plan Of Attack!) An annual strategy will guide you throughout the year, and while you will almost definitely will not stick to this plan 100%, it gives you a step by step method of achieving and tracking success.

Take the time at the start of reach year to sit down with your partners, employees or investors and define what this year means for you. Goal set and brainstorm your market position and how you can leverage it. Break down your yearly goals into achievable daily actions.

2. Find your marketing avenues. Does Facebook work for you? Maybe Instagram is your focus this year, maybe Google Ads are something you haven’t tried?

Develop a marketing schedule for your company to progress through throughout the year. This will need to include things like:

  • Marketing Channels

  • A Timeline

  • Success Metrics

  • And of course, a budget.

Entrepreneurship wasn’t meant to be easy, if it was, everyone would be doing it!

Choose internal roles within your company for people to focus on and delegate work that you’re not good at, or don’t have time for. We can’t be good at everything, and this is something we as business owners need to realise, just imagine if everyone was an expert at engineering, there would be no engineers!

Using modern business and growth strategies you can maxout your business this year and give it the kick in the ass you know it needs.

Play the game, don't let the game play you.

- Luke.

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