How Important Your Point of Difference Is

Point of difference within your business, what’s yours?

You should be able to answer this relatively quickly, as this can play a very important role in your businesses success.

Your business, your fantastic new idea, basically anything new that you are trying to bring to the market needs a point of difference. Imagine if every single clothing company was the same, theoretically there would only be one company dominating. Every business needs a differentiating factor to properly separate them from the rest.

Identify your point of difference is the first step on really being able to capitalise on it. What do you do differently to other businesses within your industry, how do your prices compare, how do your services compare, what can you offer that others can’t.

Strong Businesses


Have a Strong Point of Difference

Small businesses are in a particularly strong position to push their point of difference and develop a brand around it, they’re agile, adaptable, and when done right, have a lot of strength.

When you want to create an advertisement, what are you pushing forward? Your businesses should have a clear point of difference from the rest to separate yourself. Do things differently, try new methods, adapt fast. Many businesses aren’t able to adapt and change quickly, if you can, then make sure you do.

Your brand and your businesses P.O.D really go hand in hand, and you can maximise the unique aspect of your business by capitalising on them throughout your advertisements and making a point out of your P.O.D.

Why Would Someone Choose Your Business


Over Any Other?

Answer this question yourself, it shouldn’t be difficult. Once you believe in your business, your product or your service, your P.O.D will only get stronger and will become more and more evident in your branding and advertising.

If you want to discuss ways to develop your brand further, you know we’re always here for a chat.

- Luke

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