Old Fashioned Business

Feel like your business might be beginning to look old and wrinkled compared to some of the fresh vibrant businesses popping up in your industry?

Something we see nearly every day in our line of work is businesses that have not adapted with the times and are essentially being held back from growth and expansion due to their unwillingness or lack of know how to modernise and change – I think this lack of change is especially apparent in New Zealand.

Does your business:

Use newspaper ads?

Say they don’t need to advertise?

Is contracting instead of expanding?

Looks old and dated by 2018/19 standards?

Sees no use for social media or ‘doesn’t have the time’?

Let’s address each point here –

Newspaper ads are a very traditional way of advertising to a mass market of people. Sure they may still work here and there, but the readers and circulations are dropping more than they ever have, why would you want to put your budget in a dying form of advertising when you have so many options? We see papers like ‘The Property Press’ as a more lucrative option for people within that industry but even they are shrinking.


Advertising your business is not only to get sales, advertising can have many end goals and expansion and getting your brand in front of the right people on a continuous basis is perhaps even more important. Does Apple need to make more sales? They have nearly 300 billion in cash in the bank, they probably don’t NEED to make more sales right now, but yet you still see their ads everywhere. This remains consistent throughout the biggest brands in the world, advertising is creating brand awareness and creating a ‘stir’ within your industry, keeping relevant and in front of people. Think you don’t need to advertise but wonder why your business hasn’t had any big moves over the past 5 years? Might want to re-strategise.


If your business is not expanding, you are contracting. Time if finite, there is a limited amount, why allow your business to contract and never reach its full potential when there is opportunity everywhere you look? This goes hand in hand with advertising - to expand advertise. To contract, do nothing.


Your signage, your logo, your colours, your plan. Everything needs to adapt. You might have had the most kick-ass logo and brand in 2005, but things have changed and continue to change at such a rapid pace there is simply no place for expansion and growth for businesses who refuse to change and modernise. This means getting online, getting found by Google, being on Facebook connecting with your customers, sharing and pushing your brand with people who care. If you want to compete in times where websites, professional photo and video and online ads are so accessible by everyone else, you better jump into the playing field.


If you don’t have time for social media and to connect with your customers on a more personal level, then you need to hire someone to do it for you, bottom line. Whatever your industry or demographic target, I can assure you they are online and are actively seeking for businesses like yours – so where are you? Quality engaging content is important now more than ever and your businesses needs to have a presence where your customers are.

- Luke.

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