Branding - Not Just A Logo

Branding goes far beyond a nice logo, and will become one the major determining factors of your businesses success.

Think of a logo like someone’s appearance, and a brand as someone’s personality and unique identifying features. Your businesses logo should look presentable and professional and will generally be the face of your businesses, but your branding is the nuts and bolts that sets you apart from your competitors – your branding is how you conduct your day to day business, how you post, your style, the language you use, your colours, your branding is you, and should be unique to you only.

Branding Identity

Let’s take Apple for example – Everyone knows the logo, but we sub-consciously recognise the unique brand we are buying when we purchase anything Apple. They have an extremely strong brand identity which goes something like this: Simplistic, sleek, easy to use, unique, quality. Their business and brand continues to grow so strong because Apple is compatible with Apple only, and no third party devices are able to take away from their brand, they have a high level exclusivity and this pushes their brand even higher, and in turn you fall down the Apple pipeline of using Apple only devices.

People will pay more and do more for a brand they love and trust

Branding is the first thought that we think of each business when their logo is shown or their name mentioned, so remember this when you are building a business, be unique, be transparent and be creative.

In small business and start-ups, your branding plays a role much more important than we often realise. People need a brand to latch on to, they need a reason to love you and your business – understand your audience and give them reasons to do so. Maybe your business is known for amazing video edits, having high quality customer service, or being totally transparent and sharing all the ups and downs. Find what your niche is and hone in on it to capitalise.

Using your logo consistently, using your same colour consistently and having a well-managed and designed webpage where the looks remain consistent throughout your social media is also a very valuable tool to add trust and value to your businesses overall appearance.


  1. Create unique points that differentiate your business and capitalise on them

  2. Use the same logos and colours throughout the internet and your marketing

  3. Be transparent and personal

  4. Maintain consistency throughout all of your online avenues

- Luke

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