Copywriting - What Is It?

Copywriting is one of the key elements in online marketing and yet is one of the most overlooked things.

Copywriting is the art of writing persuasive wording in order to get a prospective customer to take specific action. Copywriting skills come into play with your website, advertisements, posts, It begins with a strong headline and leads into a well worded product/service description ending with a call to action – an action like ‘Message Now’ or ‘Sign Up’.

Now it’s very easy to get caught up in creating visual content and producing media for your advertisements that we often overlook the value of having a good headline and opening hook, and the importance of your wording and punctuation.

Your copywriting skills come into play whether you’re writing a generic Monday evening post, or you’re crafting a high budget Google ad. The way you describe and present your offering to your customer, paired with quality media means a much higher rate of engagement and leads.

The basic 3 step method to writing good copy goes like this;


The basis of each segment remains up to you but by following this method you end up with a much clearer idea of what to write – if you are unsure of what to write there are people that write copy for businesses for a living and this can add tremendous value to your offering, website or advertisement.

Tapping into each audiences lingo and language is another really fantastic and simple way to grab peoples attention – don’t speak like a 20 year old if your audience are 60 year olds. The same goes for the media you are pairing your copy to, these need to be tailored to each offering and each audience.


  1. Never underestimate the vital role of copywriting

  2. Refer to number one

  3. Use a method with a call to action

  4. Utilise your audiences lingo

- Luke

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