Facebook For Your Business

Is your business on Facebook?

The majority of people using Facebook and social media platforms use them to connect with their friends and to be entertained, but if you’re a business owner, the stakes have changed.

Utilising Facebook for your business can be challenging, tedious and is changing fast. If you want to leverage social media for your business, you need to be aware of these changes and adapt to suit, read more on our 3 basic tips below.

Post Consistently

Posting consistently not only builds a sense of trust and social proof, but it helps break up Facebooks algorithm and can give your posts priority over the many others. Facebooks most recent update saw business posts drop far below personal posts and thus organic reach has been impacted dramatically.

Quality Over Quantity

Being consistent is important, but don’t feel as though you need to publish something new and interactive every single day to the point where the quality of your posts is dropping. Try your best to make sure your posts are engaging and occasionally have an interactive aspect. (e.g. question & answer, spot the difference, before and after)

Facebook measures the time people spend not only commenting or liking your post, but also the time spent looking at your post, even if they don’t take action. Give your audience something interesting to look at and your posts will boost to the top.

Leads, Not Likes

Getting wrapped up in Facebook page likes is something we can all be guilty of. It sure helps to have a large following and an audience that you don’t have to pay to reach once you have a large number of likes, but if these people have no apparent interest in your product or service and will likely never be a customer, there is no reason for you to be going to the effort of publishing quality content to these people.

Facebook ‘Like Campaigns” are likely to work for your business, but your audience targeting here become very important. When you select that you want simply want more page likes, Facebooks system will automatically show your page to people that ‘like’ every page they come across for no real reason – thus giving you a false sense of your audience and customers. Running targeted ‘Like Campaigns’ can be beneficial when done right for your business, having a quality audience is considered a major business asset and can save you time and money advertising when you have a following waiting to buy the next new thing from you.

We hope you’ve been able to take away some knowledge from this, as usual you know where it’s at for any questions or advice regarding your business and the growth of your business through social media.

- Luke

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