"Make $200k Online!" - Marketing Gimmicks.

We’ve all seen the ads, “Give me 2 minutes I’ll explain how you can make over $200k a month from home with no experience” with their rented Lamborghini in the background.

Sick of them? Us too.

This is something we are very passionate about avoiding and long term initiatives and growth is something we always take the time to explain to our clients.

Unfortunately, the overnight money stereotype is spreading and people are starting to expect the same overnight money making results from genuine digital and growth agencies.

Professional online marketing strategies are long term initiatives developed by professionals within your industry, period. There is no flashy videos, pushy advertising, or bank account screenshots. Just proof and results.

Facebook ads, Google campaigns, Instagram and the like are all foundations for a strong, aesthetically desirable web presence and build a powerful social proof aspect to your business. But these take time and effort.

Results do not happen overnight.

Sure, with enough budget we can see results very fast, but this comes at a substantial cost, and being pushy with your marketing can have a very detrimental effect on your businesses reputation. You also run the risk of burning through your whole budget without any results at all.

Don’t fall victim to the “quick fix gimmicks” that are spreading faster than ever now, many people claim to have the “secret to building a 6-figure business within 3 months”, or the “Sign up here and triple your business turnover in 3 weeks!”

Don’t let these online quick fix gurus ruin your reputation. In every instance, your marketing is better taken care of by a well thought out and well planned long term strategy with a local, hands on agency.

We’ve seen businesses genuinely triple their turnover within 6 months, and we still call in for a catch up and a coffee. That’s the difference.

If you are concerned about your current marketing plan, or want us to investigate anything you may have seen online, feel free to give us a bell. We help people out wherever we can at no cost.

With multiple packages to suit, or long term tailored growth campaigns, we can work with you and your budget to achieve the results you want.

- Luke.

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