Engaging Video On a Budget

So you’re going to do it. Make the leap. Create a video for your business and show the world what you have to offer.

But hang on, don’t you need a dedicated SLR type camera with all the fancy microphones and lighting?

Don’t fall victim to the misconception that you HAVE to have a video camera and professional gear to create video media and social media updates for your business, and therefore throw video in the 'too hard basket.'

With phones today shooting 4k and ultra-slow-mo, they are a great tool to begin your video creation journey for use on social media, and chances are you’re holding one now or it’s in your pocket. So easy and accessible.

So where do you begin?

With phones being so compact, they have much smaller image sensors than a video camera and will produce noisy or grainy footage under low light conditions. The first step will need to be your lighting. Lighting your subject is really key here, natural light is best, (think window, sunlight etc) but any source of light that isn’t too harsh will do just fine. Set your subject in a well lit area or set up some lights first.

Phone microphones are small and very sensitive to wind and background noise. Be careful not to block the mic with your finger and ensure you are a quiet place. (Unless your video is intentionally loud!)

Your phone settings will largely depend on what you are shooting, but leave it on auto mode for now and let the phone do the work.

Position your subject and ensure the background is tidy, a tripod and phone clamp will come in really useful here if you want perfectly still footage, see link from Noel Leeming for a good quality example:


If your subject is moving or you do not need a tripod, be sure to hold the phone LANDSCAPE and keep it as still and smooth as you can, no one likes shaky footage. Shoot multiple clips and some more on top of that so you have a broad selection to pick from.

Now you will need to edit your footage and loop it all together. The best tool we’ve found is Adobe Premiere Clip, this is an app version of a professional video editor compressed and simplified into a mobile version. Follow the instructions and loop your video together, remember: The better your video was when you took it, the more natural it will look and you will spend less time editing.

Add some audio (keep it relative to the video subject) and you are now ready to export your video and upload it to your social media page.

This is a cheap and inexpensive way of producing engaging video content and you might just be surprised how good phone footage can look when done right.

For promotional videos and professional quality media, it is always best to have a videographer complete this for you, that way it is always crystal clear, lit well, and they will know the right angles and how to produce a quality finish in post-production. If you are intending on spending money on advertising a video, you are best to have your business represented professionally.

- Luke.

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