Growth On Instagram

Want more followers, or want a more engaged audience to share your photos or promote your products to? Check out our 3 top tips in gaining traction through Instagram.

  1. Photo quality – Instagram is solely a photo based platform, meaning you’re competing with millions of others for your piece of real estate on the social app. Ensuring your content is quality and aesthetically pleasing is the number one way to be recognised.

Often not considered but very important is the following: Think of what you would like to see, what makes you stop and read, or screenshot. These are most likely the same things that others will also want to see.

2. Consistency with your posts – Like Facebook, it is important on Instagram to have somewhat of a posting schedule. Whether it be 3 times a day, once a day after 7pm or first thing in the morning. Consistency is key to building your brand, if you can appear in front of more people, more often, your likelihood of success is greatly increased.

Set a reminder on your phone 20 minutes before you want to post, this gives you time to write up a new post and means you won’t be forgetting.

3. Engage with other accounts – Engaging with other user accounts in the same field as yours can boost your page visits by a significant amount. Find similar accounts, leave some genuine comments (not the cheesy “FOLLOW 4 FOLLOW” like we’ve all seen), give them a follow if you dig their content, and chances are, they’ll return the favour. Take the time to sit down and do this to a bunch of likeminded user accounts and you will begin to see your page activity rise.

REMEMBER, like anything, Instagram takes time and effort, results are not overnight. If you want to see the results and reap the rewards, it needs time and effort on the daily, but with these 3 tips, you’ll be on the right track to becoming that blue tick superstar you’ve always wanted to be!

- Luke

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