Is Twitter Kaput?

The word 'Twitter' is becoming more and more foreign in what seems like an ever increasingly Facebook dominated world that we live in, but is Twitter really dead?

Admittedly, I don't have a Twitter, nor do I intend on creating one, and there is a good reason;

Twitter is not where my customers and clients hang out.

If you are looking to get into social media marketing in 2018, there's one thing you must establish first and foremost, and that is: 'Where do my most likely customers hang out?"

Too often do we see people floundering around on the wrong platform trying to draw in the attention of mostly uninterested people. This can lead to frustration, money wasted, motivation drained, and an overall sh*t experience with business advertising.

The number of users on Twitter is just 16.5% of that on Facebook, and the gap is only widening.

When given Facebook's in depth ad targeting and features (that are only getting better), Twitter becomes a harder-to-make-viable option as an ad platform for you or your business.

Twitters strong point comes in the form of connection, whether it's B2B, B2C or otherwise. Connecting and communicating with your customers on Twitter is very easy, and allows them to contact you just as easily. A viral effect can also occur quite quickly on Twitter by 'Retweets', the equivalent to a 'Share.'

We could ramble on about Twitter, why you shouldn't use the platform or why you should. But the questions still remains up to you. Twitters progress has slowed considerably over the last couple of years, whilst other social media platforms shown exponential growth.

While we don't think Twitter is dead, the number of business owners that really use Twitter are becoming less and less. For now, Twitter remains to be a fantastic socialising platform, and still boats large potential for anyone looking to get into marketing, just not quite as much as the likes of Facebook.

The only way to find out which platform is right for you is to jump right in, give it a crack and see how it goes for you. Don't just take my word for it.

- Luke.

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