5 Mindblowing Facebook & Instagram Stats

1. Facebook is increasing in users by 14% year on year. There are currently 2.13 billion active Facebook users, making it simply too big to ignore.

2. Peak times to post on Facebook and Instagram? According to multiple sources they say; mid week, 1pm - 3pm. We've found this to be later in NZ, closer to the 6pm onwards mark. Increase your traffic and engagement rate by posting within these times. BUT REMEMBER: Each brand is different, you must target your customer demographic to achieve the best results, and monitor your audience's behavior.

3. Over 300 million photos are uploaded every single day on Facebook. Your photo or advertisement must be looking it's best in order to have any chance at competing with this number of photos.

4. On average, people spend 40 minutes of their day on Facebook. Based on an 80 year lifespan, that's over 1 million minutes spent!

5. Instagram users upload more than 95 million photos and videos per day.

As great as Facebook as for connecting socially and browsing, it is also an extremely valuable resource for businesses. Over 40% of businesses already admit Facebook is critical to them and their business, that number is growing fast too.


- Luke

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